Hello, My Forever Ago, don't worry,
you won't be reading this much longer.


Published March 2019

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"Blythe brings a mastery of precision and cadence to bear in creating poems that pulse with emotion, complexity and vulnerability

CBC Spring Preview [...]

"With incredible economy of language and dialectical drama at the levels of sentence and caesura, Blythe delivers taut yet expansive hymns from 'the golden-throated era / of the hormone'

— Quill & Quire starred review [...] 

"Hymnswitch is at its most powerful in its longest poems, where Blythe’s sense of orchestration is on fullest display….It’s exciting to see a writer so conscious of building a body of work within and across collections, pursuing not just a set of ideas and concerns but an artistic vision

The Puritan [...]


"You...have been invited into an intimate space, to wear the poet’s skin for a moment, to hold his breath

CV2 [...]

"I just completely devoured...Hymnswitch

— Writer's Trust Recommended Read by Adam Sol

“Ali Blythe pierces your skins, awakening perceptions you had allowed to settle under the surface.

—  matthew heinz, author of Entering Transmasculinity

“Ali Blythe's Hymnswitch wears the good, solid boots of language to trek through the unsendable here of daily decision. Here the little bent nails of punctuation assemble to testify to the bruised thumbs and split silence of hammerblows and timbercrack. The hands of the clock, like those little nails, tick past in a recitation of clarity.

— Derek Beaulieu, Calgary Poet Laureate, 2014-2016

“An intimate, attentive, and patiently affecting book that lives up to all of the possibilities of its title. Meditating on time, god(s), gender, sobriety, and love, the intelligence at work here is intellectual and emotional – courage in the service of discovery, which at its core is a surrender to vulnerability

— TC Tolbert, Tucson Poet Laureate

"Blythe's stark, deft poems build a spectacular debut [...] 

—  Winnipeg Free Press

"Stunning and true

—  CBC

"perhaps incurring the most dog-eared pages ever [...]

— The Puritan

"His thoughts stretched wide, longing in between, Blythe illuminates a world both ruined and beautiful [...] 

— Jury Citation, Writers Trust of Canada

"His poetry is a potent form of touch [...]

— The Bull Calf

"intelligent and charming, jangly and jarring, moody, dreamy and a little bit deadly

— herizons Magazine

"At the heart of Ali Blythe’s courageous debut collection is a bruising search for identity [...]

—  The Malahat Review


Published Sept 2015

Buy from Goose Lane, Indigo or Amazon

Ali Blythe is the author of two critically acclaimed books exploring trans-poetics: the debut collection Twoism, and the follow-up, Hymnswitch


His poems are published in literary journals and anthologies in Canada, England, Germany and Slovenia. He is the winner of the Vallum Award for Poetry, finalist for the Dorothy Livesay BC Book Award, and recipient of an honour of distinction from the Writers Trust of Canada for emerging LGBTQ writers.


He lives in Victoria, BC.

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